four kids, two rooms...

i thought it would be fun to participate in kelly's "show us where you live" tour!
this is my first shot at showing one {tw0} of our rooms.

here is a glimpse of our children's nurseries/rooms!
we have four kids {2 girls, 2 boys} and they share two bedrooms
the girls share a roomand the boys share a room!
in 2000, when we moved into our "spacious house" {3 bedrooms, 3 baths}
as a newly married
couple, we thought the house was so big !
quickly we filled up the bedrooms with our precious children!
so almost ten years later our house is overflowing and busting at the seams!!
with little children
and lots of love!

boys' room:
{joshua & jesiah}
let's start with the first nursery i did when i was pregnant with our first son in 2000!
we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, so i did a classic pooh theme.
i loved painting and decorating this room!
this was our first son, joshua's nursery.
this is the view when you walked into the room:

in 2006, when our third child, jesiah (second boy) moved into this same room,
joshua was almost six, so we began creating a big boy room!
here is the view when you walk into the room now:

we still need window treatments and to hang some things above the dresser,
we used this dresser as a changing table when the boys were babies.

i painted this mural on the wall to go with the classic pooh theme for joshua:

when we madeover the room, i painted over the mural with stripes...

it was one of the hardest things i ever had to do!

with two kids in each room, i use lots of creative storage,
double layers of hooks on the backs of their doors to hang whatever and everything.

here is their bunk bed:

room # 2
girls' room
{jordyn & jaelyn}

jordyn was born in 2003, and i made a very girly nursery for her! pink and lavender! when we found out in may 2008 that we were adding another girl to our family, i was so excited to have two girls sharing a girly girl room!!

i was going to give the room a complete makeover and repaint and change up everything. until we found this on craig's list:

i had been looking for a loft bed for jordyn and this was so cute and so cheap! it matched the existing paint colors already and i decided, happily at 9 months prego, not to repaint the room and stay with pink and lavender, b/c the bed worked perfectly!

and yes, her bed has a slide!!!!
it is a princess castle bed and we put her name on the wall above!
she loves it.

so then we added the crib for jaelyn, the crib was jordyn's! and we bought new sheets and a new bumper, but are using the same dust ruffle and quilt from pottery barn that was jordyn's.
we put jaelyn's name above her crib.
hanging from each of the girl's "J" in their name is a little sign that says little princess.

having two girls in one room means creative storage and lots of it,
so i use bins and baskets everywhere!

this dresser i painted for jordyn and stamped the matching print from her pottery barn quilt, now it is a dresser for the girls to share and a changing table for jaelyn too.
the shelves hanging above are also stamped with the same prints!

there are still several things i plan to do with their room, like a few things to hang on the wall plus i need to get the girl's one of those super cute bow holders to hang on their closet door!

thanks so much for stopping by and looking at our children's rooms!!
please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by,
i love comments and meeting new bloggy friends!!
come back soon!!!


Stephanie said...

So cute! Love their rooms. I have always wanted to paint stripes on a wall in my house. Maybe if we ever decorate another nursery I will be giving you a call. :)

Terri said...

Their rooms are soooo sweet! And you are very, very creative! It was fun to take a peek. Blessings!

Erin said...

Wow a great way to make the rooms come together! Love them both. :)