can't leave home without a....


it is just part of my nature, part of who i am as a mommy of two girls. yesterday, i felt like i was forgetting something as i was driving to visit a friend. and then i realized, i forgot to put a bow in jaelyn's hair. oh no.

i just love putting hair bows in my girls' hair. unfortunately, jordyn is getting to the age {almost 6} where she sometimes wants a bow and sometimes not. she has a bad habit of taking them out of her hair and misplacing them. at school. we have even lost a few of our favorite hairbows this way {aarrgghhh}

both of my girls have worn bows in their hair as newborns and ever since. i love bows on little girls!!!

a few months ago, my friend stephanie referred me to this bow making momma!!

and she is doing another giveaway!!

so much fun!!

i am going to enter the giveaway and if you like bows you should do it too, make sure you told her i sent you, please!!!

i had a fabulous experience with sara beth bows!!! what i love about her business is that she is using the proceeds from her bows to put towards adopting a baby girl!! she is so helpful and so easy and fun to work with!!! she will mail the bows to you or if you live in the area, you can pick them up!! her bows are awesome!! go check out her site!!!

her giveaway is through may 31st and there are detailed instructions on her blog!!!

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