beach + 3 kids does not = a vacation!

well, after a long 7 hour drive, we are back from the beach after 2 weeks. safe and sound. tan and rested. well, atleast safe, sound and tan apply. but i don't think that rested fits a mom who is on "vacation" with her 3 kids. let's just say that it was wonderful to be at the beach and to be relieved of some of my duties (cooking and cleaning for the most part) as a mommy, but managing 3 kids in a different environment with family isn't always easy or provide for a lot of down time for me.

since it has been 2 weeks since i have blogged, i will have to catch you all up on everyone in my j crew! i will download some photos from the beach as soon as i can find where in the suitcase my camera and usb are.

i did have a chance to do a lot of reading, thinking and praying. God did reveal to me a lot of things during this time. and i am excited to see how He works in our life!

stay posted for more blogs and pics in the days to come!!!


Marybeth said...

Would love to hear what God showed you in your time away... I always find that I hear from God when I am at the beach-- sounds the same for you!
Can't wait to see pictures and glad you are back to blogging!
Tell Jamiil that Ashleigh loved hearing him speak today at church!

4torock said...

ha- I know what u mean exactly - it was like reading my mind for my upcoming blog!!!! We just came back today from Wild Dunes and school starts tomorrow, but like you it was a great to get away - love the beach pic- can't wait to see more :)