jordyn's fourth birthday party...

today we had a little birthday party for jordyn. she turned four while we were at the beach two weeks ago. we had a chance to celebrate with some of her friends & they had a great time.

this is a picture of our friend, Will. I have to share the story behind this photo ~ Most of the kids were in the back of our house playing and the moms were in the living room. My friend Susan walked into the kitchen and found little Will at our kitchen counter, he had snuck 2 cupcakes and began to eat them. He was as quiet as a mouse and enjoying every minute of it.

the "theme" of the party was a craft party, we had a few crafts out on the table and the kids went to town, they had a great time - gluing and painting and making a huge fun mess!

here is jordyn with her yummy chocolate cupcake!!!

here is jordyn with her very good friend emma, they are gettin ready for present time.
both of the girls have july birthdays!!

jordyn received a lot of nice girlie-girl presents. she loved them all.

jordyn had a great morning!!

thank you to all our friends who came to celebrate!!!

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4torock said...

Happy Birthday JORDYN!!! Looks like u all had so much fun and Will- u r too cute!! :)