happy fourth of july

today has been a busy but fun day. jamil had off today and we took the kids to the free movies at the arboretum. then we went to chik fil a for lunch and ran a few errands before coming home. while the kids were doing their quiet time i ran around the house getting some things packed for our 2 week beach trip. this afternoon my parents and jamil's parents came over to have a cook out. jordyn's birthday is next week, and since we will be at the beach we celebrated it today. we will also celebrate it next week on her actual birthday at the beach, but this way jamil and jamil's parents had the chance to wish her a happy birthday - which in kid's terms means bring gifts! when we get back from the beach she will have a little party with some of her friends. every year we are at the beach during her birthday. i can't believe she is going to turn four!!

for her birthday this year, we started her barbie collection. she has had a blast this evening with them. i have to honestly say that i love playing with barbies also. i loved them as a little girl and will enjoy playing with them with my daughter!! barbie has changed since i was a kid, she is much more appropriate in size (bust, waist and feet) i remember reading or hearing about the way they used to make barbie, that her dimensions were so out of wack - her bust too big and her waist and feet to small, that if she were a real human she wouldn't be able to stand up. i am glad they have made those changes. although, the little shoes that came with some of the outfits do not fit her feet, very strange???

anyway, tomorrow we have a pretty busy day and then we leave for the beach for 2 weeks. i am going to take my laptop but don't know if i will have a chance to get on and blog!! if not i am sure i will have a lot to catch up on when i get back!


Susan said...

That is the best picture of you and Jordyn.

4torock said...

I love it too Dawn - have a wonderful trip and Jordyn- HAPPY BIRTHDAY big girl!! Love