Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend and so far a busy start to a busy week. We have been on the go a lot this weekend. Friday night and Saturday morning I worked on unpacking from our trip. Then we took the kids to the waterpark. On Saturday evening I met up with an old-new friend (long story for another blog!) and we stayed out way toooo late. We grabbed some dinner and then went to the new Starbucks in Indian Trail, needless to say they kicked us out and we stayed in the parking lot talking for a long time. Sunday, we went to church and then grabbed lunch with our good friends, the Prevettes Needless to say we wore out our welcome at lunch b/c the kiddos (3 mine and 1 theirs) were pruning the bushes outside of Fuddruckers. Sunday afternoon we napped and then Sunday night we went back to church for a special Praise and Worship night for volunteers - which was awesome! Today we went to Union Academy to get paperwork to enroll Josh and then we went over to our friend's house for a play date. In total we had 6 kiddos, 2 of each age - 2, 4, 6. Five boys and my little girl! It was a riot -- the kids had a crazy fun time. I think it literally took 2 hours to get them out of the house and into the van. I felt good knowing I am not the only mommy in the Charlotte area who has such a chaotic household and wild and crazy kiddos. But what a blessing it is!!!

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