six -- going on sixteen!

on saturday night we went over to our new friends' (from our new church!) house for dinner. they have four most beautiful girls! as we were driving over to there house, my kids were asking about our new friends. when joshua found out that they had all girls and no boys, he was a little nervous and wondered who and what he would play with. i told him not to worry, he would have a great time.

we were greeted at the door by our friends and joshua was off, he and their oldest daughter hit it off immediately. they were chasing each other around the house, they were outside on the playset and playing soccer. after we ate, we went the kiddos upstairs to watch toy story 2. well, our friend went upstairs to check on the kids, when he came down he informed us that joshua had his arm around his new friend. they were sitting on the couch and joshua had his arm around her and when he saw her daddy coming upstairs, he took his arm off of her. then when he left, he put it back around her ~ we know b/c he purposely came back in the room.

i had tears in my eyes laughing so hard at my six year old son "putting the moves" on his new friend! it was all sweet and innocent, but yet it did make me think about how in the world he came up with that plan.

he gave his new friend one of his wristbands (that he loves). he also told us on the way home that she kissed him and that she was his new girlfriend and he wanted to marry her.

jamil and i just chuckled. although, i asked jamil if he thought we should have a little chat with him about his new love!

we didn't make a big deal of it, since they are kids and i know it was innocently do ne! but i do realize that it isn't too early for us to teach our son how to be a gentleman!

i do wonder if the roles were reversed and that was jordyn on the couch how jamil would have reacted.!!!

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