fun day!

today we had a fun day!! we are spending this week catching up with all of our friends. we went to my dearest friend, amy's house. i have known amy and her husband ken since we were in college. they have the sweetest, funniest, little boy, will. will is 3 years old. we already have an arranged marriage between him and jordyn. will cracks us up, he says some of the funniest things. he is a witty and smart little fellow!! he calls me aunt dawn and he says it so cute. and i have just loved him since the day amy and ken brought him home. they adopted will from russia when he was 6 months old. he is such a blessing to all of us.

amy and i spent a lot of time talking and catching up. and the kids played wonderfully together. they were thrilled to see each other!!

it is good to be home although i have laundry up to my ears and all kinds of stuff to do, i need to enjoy time with friends!!!

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The Hemphill Family said...

Hi Dawn!! Your kids are so beautiful in that beach photo! They are getting so big. Looks like you are all doing well :) Hope to talk to you soon!