little bud

i realized as i was looking back through my posts, that i really haven't posted too much about jesiah. i guess it is because he is the go with the flow kid. he has always been so laid back and such a good little guy. jamil gave him the nickname "little bud" when he was just a few days old.

when he was born he was an easy laid back baby. in the hospital he was already sleeping 5 hours at a time, my nurses would bring him to me and we would have to wake him to nurse. he was such an easy going baby. he was happy and content. jesiah fit in our family perfectly as the third child, his older sister being only 19 months old and his older brother being only 4 1/2, we were thrilled that he just fit in and took the role of the baby. our hands were pretty full already.

to this day he remains to be such an easy kid. jesiah bennett turned two in march. he is so bright and has such a sweet disposition. he is always always smiling. in fact the other night we had our most favorite babysitters here and beckie said to me (as jesiah was standing in the middle of the living room floor surrounded by a huge pile of mega blocks that he just dumped with a big ol smile) that he is going to get out of a lot of trouble because when he is being disobedient he is doing it with a big sweet smile. she is right ~ as the baby and a sweetie, he is going to get away with a lot!

jesiah LOVES buzz lightyear and the disney cars. he loves to play with his brothers light sabers and dress up in his sister's princess dresses. often, jesiah is our quietest child only because a lot of the times he is off playing by himself while the other two are begging for attention (positive or negative). though he is a talker ~ he can talk ~ he speaks like he is four years old: in complete sentences and pretty clear. although when i talked to his church nursery teacher he said that jesiah is quiet and spends a lot of time looking at books. when he is home and with us he talks and talks!!!

jesiah loves to climb and run and jump. no surprise for this boy ~ he was rolling over at like 6 weeks old, he was climbing before he could walk and he escaped from his crib before he was 18 months old. he can get out of a high chair, booster seat or stroller with not a problem at all. we got a new (to us) set of bunk beds for the boys and there is not a ladder, we thought this would prevent him from climbing up to the top bunk, oh no , not this guy - he can climb from the bottom bed to the top using the footboards ~ no kidding!! little bud is busy!!

jesiah bennett is a little bit of a daredevil. once he has seen his sister or brother do something ~ he is ready to do it too! he loves the water and loves swimming. he had a blast in the sand and the waves at the beach. he has been putting his face in the pool and dumping cups of water over his head in the bath tub.

he is a snuggler and loves to be held! he is a momma's boy. and i love it!!

little bud is a big blessing in our life and family!!!

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