jordyn's friends @ the beach

i realized i had this post saved as a draft from a while ago. and i thought i would go ahead and finish and post it!

when we were at the beach on our first day, jordyn made some friends !! she was smiling and waving to this group of four teenage girls who were sitting behind us. shortly after she began this the girls came over to say hi to her. in the picture above jordyn is in the middle of mailina (left) and sarah (right)!

all of my kids just loved the girls, every day the girls would come over and spend time playing with the kids or just talking! that was the highlight of our first week was looking for the girls, there were four of them, i will post a picture of all four of them with my kids in a later post!

i thought it was awesome that the girls made time to hang out with us! we truly enjoyed getting to know them!!!

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