first grade open house...

jordyn and joshua with our friends madison and sidney breedlove.
who will be at union academy also!

joshua sitting on the rock outside of union academy!!!

so here is what joshua has to say about his new school and going to first grade...

he loves his teachers
he thinks they are nice and he thinks they are pretty - he is right
he loves his classroom
he is so excited about first grade
he even loves it better than wesley chapel (which is a tough act to follow)
he was excited to see not one but 2 friends will be in his class
he thanked me for letting him go to school there....

i told joshua to thank God, He was the One who answered our prayers and blessed us with a spot at union academy.

we had a great morning at the open house. joshua left there so excited about starting first grade. i was super duper impressed with his teachers. they were so kind and caring and welcoming. i look forward to working with them this year. i was very impressed with union academy as a whole. i am so excited to be one of the families there.

as soon as we got to school, we ran into lisa and josie carroll, who are friends from our old church. josie and josh have grown up in church nursery together. they are in the same class, i am thrilled.

it was a great introduction to a great school!

i will be sure to post about his first day...

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4torock said...

What a awesome answer to prayer!- Josh is too handsome and is gonna have a blast for first grade!!!