back to reality...

a week ago last night, my sister, julie came into town from pittsburgh! it had been over a year since i had seen here. it was such a great visit. we loved having her here. my grandparents also came from baltimore ("baltimorrow" as jordyn pronounces it) a week ago today. so that last week has been busy and i have been way off my game. not really doing much of anything in the real life. just spending a lot of time with family and friends! my parents live here so my grandparents stayed with them and my sister stayed with us. jamil had off of work and the kids - no school!

we wanted julie to have a fun time here in charlotte, but we also wanted her to relax and enjoy being here. last week, we took her to the south park christmas tree lighting where we met up with the carr family, we did a little shopping, ate way too much food and watched some movies.

yesterday, came at me quickly and i wasn't ready to get back to reality. but jesiah and i faced it head on while the others were at school, and ran a bunch and i mean a bunch of errands, i think we went to 7 different places and that doesn't include dropping off for preschool or picking up or the trip to the bank. and that was also with a pee pee and a poo poo accident (which he hasn 't had either of those in a long time). he was a gem!!! he got 2 lollipops and an icee from target out of the deal! so his motives weren't pure!!

yesterday afternoon we spent visiting with my grandparents before their depature today.
then last night i had "momtourage" and finished our book (the mom walk by sally clarkson). we will meet one more time before the holidays for a night of fellowship which i kept referring to as a "holiday social". we were joking about wearing our christmas sweaters and jewelry to the big gala!! we had such a fun time when we get together. the women in that group are a complete blessing in my life. i love our time together, it is so sweet. i look forward to our next book that we study!! more about that later!

so for today, my house needs a lot of attention especially before bringing our tree in and getting the decorations down. i also have a list of phone calls to make and emails to return. so if you are waiting on a return call or email, i will get to you - i promise! but it will have to be later today.

i am off this morning to take jordyn for a haircut. my good friend, chelsea and i are taking our daughters (both have curly hair!!) for back to back appointments to a girl who cuts curly hair and she has biracial daughters so I am hoping she will do a miracle with jordyn's hair.

i will post some pics of her haircut and other stuff later!!!

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