shhh...it's a secret....

last sunday night we attended the leadership commitment event at elevation. it was one of the most amazing and most moving corporate worship events i have ever attended. the presence of God was so there. during our season called dominate, the leaders of elevation have been asked to go first and bring their best to the table for what they will be giving to the campaign. now mind you our campaign isn't at all like what you think. we are "buying" into the vision of the church and having no idea what the money will be used to build or retrofit or whatever. we know that this money will support the vision of our church but we do not know what it will look like.

during this time husbands and wives and families and singles brought their offering to the front of the room. you could clearly tell that these individuals have prayed and been wrestling with God over what to give. i am sure that many of them changed their minds up to the last minute (i know we did!) on what they would give.

i had the awesome privilege to sit on the front row with jamil, pastor and his wife and the hummels, so i go to see and experience amazing things from my view. after some wonderful praise and worship music and pastor sharing from his heart the offering was brought - there wasn't money just amounts we were pledging, paving the way for the rest of elevation on nov. 11.

we were told we would hear first what the total amount the 300 leaders were bringing to the table. after a lot of suspense, we received the email yesterday. for some reason it went into my junk email box so i retrieved it last night after our high schoolers left and jamil and i opened it together. pastor did a video email and held us in suspense until he couldn't contain it anymore.we were shocked with excitement of what the total is - the total is one i guessed but was thinking really big and jamil said no way. and it really is as big as i thought. pastor said we had to keep it a secret and the word couldn't get out. as soon as he said that jamil looked at me like that means you, don't tell anyone.

i am not so good at keeping a secret, but i will for the sake of the cause here at hand. because i know once those of you who don't know the number hear you will be so glad that pastor told you and not me! if you do know the secret, call me or email me so we can be giddy together!!!!

our church is on the verge of a huge domination and i mean huge!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Wasn't that night awsome! I wish that I could have been up front too. (I was in the very back row.)

Josh and I watched that same v-mail together. I have to admit that I told my Dad, but I don't think he will tell. I know he will just share in the excitement with us.

Oh- Congradulations on your slings!