time out to be thankful

i am so excited for the holiday season! for me, the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving and continues on through New Years. i love this whole season and i especially love Christmas...love everything about the season! love the reason we celebrate it, love the decorations and festivities, love it!

although, i have to be honest, i have been a little annoyed (ok a lot annoyed!) with all the Christmas stuff out and about for over a month, especially the music that has been playing for over a week. i have seen a lot of houses already decorated and people shuffling around to get shopping done, cards made, photos taken, etc. here is why i am annoyed... what about the season of thanks? it is like it is just skipped over... from halloween straight onto christmas. our society just rushes past thanksgiving and onto Christmas. as a planner, i am guilty too, these things are on my mind, i have begun my lists and i have even bought one gift. but really can we just take a little time out to be thankful ??

after the sermon on sunday, it made me think a lot about being thankful and having gratitude. i am focusing this week on the season of Thanksgiving. i am going to put my lists on hold for a little while longer and i will push ahead to Christmas after this week.

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Jess said...

i love it when i read your blog and think, "what is up...how can we be SO on the same page?"...this is exactly where i'm at, girl.
love you