yesterday's lesson...

yesterday, chelsea and i took anagrace and jordyn to get their haircuts! it was a fun trip. the girls both did a great job. and the hair stylist was wonderful with them. she specializes in cutting curly hair. she gave me a lot of advice and product suggestions for jordyn's curly hair.

as we were getting ready to leave, there was some commotion in the lobby area. a woman had brought into the salon a basket full of little tiny puppies. there were probably 9 or so. almost everyone was holding them. including our girls. different clients and hair stylists were picking out their puppies to take home in a week when the momma weans them. i must say they were the cutest little puppies i have seen. they were really really little and mostly white, some had brown and black on them. they were shitzu, poodle & lhapso mix. they were precious. seeing the kids holding them like little babies and petting them was so sweet. i was getting weak and my emotions were running really really high. i LOVE anything "baby". but chelsea and i remained in control, really she was in control the whole time it was me going "gaga" over these little pups. we gathered our stuff and the crying little girls and jesiah and went to the car. as i was buckling jesiah into his seat. i told jordyn she had done a great job getting her hair cut, she was such a big girl. and i told her i was so proud of her walking out of the shop without a puppy and without throwing a fit on me. she looked at me and said, "mom, God teaches us to do hard things" i started tearing up and thought wow, isn't she on the ball, and she has a stronger faith than her mommy!

but my little 4 year old girl is so right!! God does teach us how to get through the hard times in our lives!

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Tina said...

Children, they were created to teach us weren't they? I have 7 and wouldn't trade them for anything. I love them dearly faults and all. I appreciated your story. beautiful children.