what's been going on around here...

i realized i have posted a lot of posts lately and none of them really have been telling of the stories of what has been going on around our house lately so i am dedicating this post to catching up on life in general!!!

1. last friday, joshua received a character education award at school!!! he was chosen from his class by his teacher to receive the award on initiative. we were so proud of him. he didn't know that he was the recipient of the award until his name was announced and at that time, jamil, jordyn, jesiah, my dad and i came out with him! it was so exciting for all of us.

2. last weekend friday night and all day saturday, i attended women of faith. my most wonderful husband got off of work early to go to josh's assembly and then allowed me the privilege of going to the conference and this is the BEST part... stay overnight at the hilton with some great friends! we had a blast. it was a group of like 10 of us, most of them were some very special old friends and mentors of mine. i also had the opportunity to get to know another gal, who has the same name as me, pretty well! it was a great time! we even managed to sleep in a little bit on saturday before we went to the conference (bonus!!!)

3. on friday october 19, i added a counter to my blog (did you see it? look right) because i was very curious to how many people read or browse my blog. sometimes it feels like no one ever checks it out. because unless you get a comment you really don't know. anyway, i have been absolutely amazed to see that i have had over 400 hits on my blog since then. jamil is in disbelief too. for fun each night we look at the counter and check the total. it's kind of an obsession i guess too! anyway, a big huge thank you to my religious readers, and those of you who stop by occasionally too and also those who post me on your blogroll so others can check it out. (must add...my counter does not include all the times i am on my own blog!!)

4. yesterday, joshua's class had a huge party. they have been studying bugs and reading miss spider's tea party. so yesterday we through a tea party in his class. i am a co-room mom and we planned it together. it was a huge success and we had a lot of parents participate. the kid's were so excited and looked adorable dressed in their insect costumes! (i will post pics later!) i am completely spidered out and never ever want to see another spider or spiderweb for a long time!!! thank you chelsea for coming all the way out here to watch jesiah! and thanks mom for taking jordyn!!!

5. i attended a playgroup this week, that was a ton of fun. it has only been the second one i could make it to. it has been wonderful to get to know some of the other ladies at church!! it was at my friend, kelly's house. she is amazing as a friend and a hostess! there were like 20 moms and like 30 kids (babies thru 4 years) at her home. we had a TON of food and the kid's bounced themselves silly in a bounce house she had. the kiddos were dressed up and all looked adorable. (pics to come!)

6. we went trick or treating last night with our good friends, amy, ken and will! and all of the kids had a great time! we haven't been trick or treating in a couple of years. i think this will have to be a family tradition. it was sooo fun to watch the kids and they looked so cute!! (aren't you in suspense for pics -- again, they will be coming soon!)

i think that gives you a little glimpse of life around here lately. as you can see we have been pretty busy!


The Carr Family said...

whoa! i can't believe we ever find time to get together! last night was fun! i can't wait to see the pics of the dogs from today too!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all your pictures! Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy :)