what the princess is up to...

i fly solo on sunday mornings (as most of you reading this do) because of jamil's role at elevation. so i am usually rushing out the door. this past sunday morning was no different. i needed be there earlier than usual b/c i was volunteering at the connections table. jordyn decided as we were getting ready to do her hair that she wanted to wear 2 braids. so i began to spray and comb her wild and crazy curls. i realized as i begin to pull the one side back that it feels a little less curly and a little less thick than the other side. i lift up the side of her hair, under her hairline and above her ear she is missing a lot of curls, and i mean a lot. the hair left there is like boy short, starting at the top of her ear going to the side of her neck. i am appalled at this sight. i had been away most of the weekend for the women of faith conference and immediately assumed daddy allowed her some time with scissors unsupervised. i am basically in tears and ask her when she did this. she cut her hair with scissors at school on friday. this is sunday. thankfully this haircut is underneath her locks of curls. this is not her first haircut. she has cut her hair 3 or 4 times now. i seriously was about to lose it! so much for her hair being long like pocahontas. atleast i can cover it up. so for the next several months she will be wearing a hairband.

on wednesday morning, the busiest day of my week, i realize that jordyn is missing an earring in her right ear. nothing new. she brings me the back of the earring and i ask her where is the actual earring, a small diamond star. she says it is in my ear and i say no it isn't. she said no mommy in the other ear. so i look inside of her left ear (in the ear canal) and there is a shiny earring in there -- no kidding! i literally freak out. calling in the troops. my dad and mom come up with a small hose to put on a vacuum and a turkey baster - we are thinking we need to suck it out. before we try those tricks we place my screaming daughter (she is screaming b/c the tweezers i tried didn't work and she is scared) on the table on her side. i am underneath of her and open her ear a little bit and praise God it fell right out. i was thrilled we didn't have to take her to the e.r.

jordyn continues to be the one who is into everything and i mean everything. she can't just play with toys. i found her pink bear covered in toothpaste this week. she has dumped several bottles of hair spray, conditioner, face wash, make up and whatever else down sinks on floors and in play purses.

she is adorably cute and as sweet as sugar. she is sneaky and always into some kind of mischief. i love to watch her, she doesn't walk, she glides and prances along. her personality is spunky and full of curiosity.

she drives me more and more crazy each day! but i love her more and more each day too!
i spend many minutes during the day praying about how to handle her and her ways!! she keeps me on my knees.


Kyle, Mel, Cam, & Kaela said...

Wow, you have your hands full! I don't doubt that my daughter will be acting the same way--when she is tall enough to reach all of those things! The good thing is--her hair will grow back, you are resourceful and creative enough to figure out how to deal with her ears, and you have the patience and love only a mother could have. :)

Steph said...

you know in 20 years she and caden are going to end up together. that would be God's little joke. they are so much alike they would probably have a serious love/hate relationship. can you imagine their fights? :-)