the yummy club...

two saturdays ago, joshua and jordyn were filmed for a television trailer for a new show for pbs. it is called the yummy club ( a kid's cooking show).

it started with a friend of mine who has been begging me to get my kid's in photo and tv shoots and auditions. the morning of the shoot was a very hectic one and i wasn't able to get joshua over there in enough time. that is when my friend called me and said they really needed boys for the afternoon shoot and to bring him. so i packed up the kids and our wonderful babysitter (who had been there that morning for amy and i to go to dream dinners) and headed to monroe.

we were there for a long time that afternoon. joshua was filmed first with a group of kids who were making tomato soup. i didn't get to see him. but i know he had a hard time "acting" like he likes the soup. but i think he had a lot of fun. and i am sure he filmed very well. after his shoot, they wanted to use jordyn too. so she went to make sweet potato pie. she did fantastic. she played the part and said her lines. she loved it. she has come out of her shy shell and is very open to other people!

so, we may have two little actors on our hands!! i will keep you posted as to when it will be on pbs.

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4torock said...

I can't WAIT to see them!!! :) How exciting!! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! :) Love