catching up....

we have been without internet for a week ~ it has been a weird experience to be out of the loop, no email, no vmails from pastor (haha on that last one he sent!!) , no blogging, no craigslist or online christmas shopping....

what is a girl to do for a whole week. well, i spent a lot more time reading, writing on paper, watching a rented dvd.

i think i needed a week to be without for two reasons 1) to get a little more in balance, i spend a lot of time on my laptop, in fact when i am on when my kid's are awake a lot of things go wrong and get messy here 2) to appreciate how much i do on a daily basis on the internet and through email!!!

anyway, all that to say.... i am back online and back to blogging. in fact i owe you several stories that i referred to in a previous post!!

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