aunt julie has arrived...

the big news of the week is that my sister julie is here. she came in late last night from pittsburgh. her car was loaded with her remaining belongings and she is here for good (atleast for now!!) we are sooo excited to have her near us. the kids are ecstatic. i am so excited to have my sister living so close to us. i keep thinking of all the exciting things she will get to be a part of that she has missed out on. she will get to go to josh's spring musical and jordyn's dance recital. she can come with me to my midwife appointments - i even told her she could come to see the baby be born if she wanted in on that fun - she isn't so sure she wants to do that yet - but she might change her mind - who knows.

we are so glad to have aunt julie living near us!!! what a blessing for our whole family!!

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Patti's Chat said...

WELCOME AUNT JULIE! I can't wait to meet you! Enjoy the sun of the south and all the funny accents you're about to hear! Us Yankees can make fun of 'em cause we don't sound like 'em!
Can't wait to meet you! :)