"mrs. massey please bear with me...

i really appreciate your patience."

patience, hmmm... lately i have been wondering if i have any of that. in fact really i don't even know what patience is or what it looks like or what it feels like. i am sure my family feels the same.

yesterday, i made a huge to do list. yes, i am a list maker! and on the top of the list were to take care of some phone calls and some billing issues. so this afternoon, i have spent all of my "quiet time" talking to customer representatives. more realistically, i have been on hold, given the run around and been transfered to different departments. talking i did little of. until i had to repeat my need to the next person b/c the communication between different departments did not happen.

and i still have a list of phone calls to be made - seriously it takes so much time out of my day to get these "little" things done. and i get frustrated very easily when i feel like my time is "wasted" and i haven't accomplished something.

i get so frustrated when everything i do is constantly being undone by someone else. today, my two little ones literally scattered a pile of papers all over my bedroom. this pile of papers were seperated into stacks and folders - until they got their little hands on them and spread them everywhere. why? i asked why?

i seriously had a melt down. i then walked back into their rooms which were a train wreck and broke down into tears. nothing ever stays in order around here. i was so frustrated. at that moment mrs. massey had no patience tobe appreciated by anyone.

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