busy, busy...

the last part of this week has gone so fast and we've been on the go! here is a recap:

~on wednesday we spent the day at amy's house. the kid's had a great time playing and we did some organizing and hanging out!!

~on thursday i had a midwife appointment, amy met me there and took my kid's over to walmart so i could have an appointment in peace!! yeah - thanks so much amy!!!! my appointment went great, i got to hear baby's heartbeat - sounds great! i also set up my ultrasound appointment for may 19!! only 24 days until we find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!! oh yeah, i saw some friends' at my appointment, who were having their ultrasound and they found out some big news! i am really excited for them!!!!

~today, chelsea and i went shopping together without any children!! yahoo!! we had a wonderful babysitter who watched all of our kids. we did have a good time! we shopped at destination maternity and then ate at pf changs for lunch - yum! the day went sooooo fast, before we knew it was time to get home and relieve our sitter!!

~ tomorrow we have a busy day. we will be at lake park, for girls on the run, where jordyn's dance class will be doing their ballet recital piece! she is so excited! and then we will be downtown at freedom park to volunteer for safe journey (one of elevation's community outreach projects!!)

~ tomorrow we will also find out if jordyn and josh will be used for a print job!! if so, we may be heading to atlanta soon!!!

so that is what is going on around here!!!

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