strawberry pie & lost...

i have had a serious craving for strawberry pie. so yesterday afternoon i made a strawberry pie. in fact, by the time jamil walked in the door, i had the pie nearly done and nothing yet made for dinner. i thought strawberry pie for dinner sounded good. i don't think he agreed. so i ended up making chicken piccata (the recipe is from my friend, holly, i got it off her blog!!) for dinner. it was excellent!!! everyone liked it. only jordyn, jamil and i liked the pie. the boys ate ice cream for desert. i am in love with this strawberry pie. i wonder how long this craving will last! hopefully not too long b/c it has a ton of sugar in it!!

i have one episode left to watch in the lost series, only one left!!!! and then i will be all caught up with you fellow lost addicts!! i will be able to watch it with you all when it comes back on television in 2 weeks. i am so excited. i have had to watch several episodes a night to come this far. but it has been a fun goal. and the perfect solution to a tired mom at the end of the day.

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Chelsea said...

will you post or give me the strawberry pie recipe?

So happy that you are caught up on LOST...that's one more thing we can talk about for hours :)