our shining stars...

last saturday, all three of my kids were given the opportunity to meet a talent agent! she is based out of atlanta but was coming to charlotte to do a workshop and meet a few perspective clients. we traveled to south park to meet her last week. i really didn't know what to expect. we came prepared with headshots of each child and a resume. their headshots were taken by a friend of ours -- she was so sweet to do them for us - thank you tammy!!!! and their resumes didn't have a lot on them at all.

getting there proved to be a headache and i wondered if we were suppose to be pursuing this. jamil said perhaps it was the enemy trying to get us to think that. we were just a few minutes away from south park, when we realized that fairview road was closed and they were directing traffic to carmel road - which was standstill. we tried a few other routes to end up backtracking! of course we were late. we were not the only ones late. there was a marathon in that area and roads were closed and traffic a nightmare.

we finally arrived. i had to fill out a lot of paperwork and then we waited for our turn to meet miss barbara. joshua was given a script to practice. he and jamil worked on that while we waited. and then a nice guy, jacob, came over and worked with joshua on his lines. joshua did great practicing with jacob.

when it was our turn, joshua went in first all by himself to meet miss barbara!! i was nervous for him - he did great - he went right in and jacob followed him in to read the lines with him in front of miss barbara. and then when they were done, jamil and i went in with the two little kids!! jordyn pretended to be shy at first and then she proceeded to dance around the room while we talked. jesiah sat on jamil's lap and was very well behaved.

miss barbara said josh did great and she wanted him!! and then she told us she wanted all three of them. she said they were all beautiful and thought their looks would definitely be used! so we signed contracts for all three kids. we are officially signed on with the talent agency.

the agency does primarily commercials, tv and films. they do some print work too! so we will see where this will lead us. we have always been encouraged to get our kids into this field, but the opportunity never seemed to be there until now!

so now i am working on doing some of the things that are required of us from the agency - like setting up websites and getting professional headshots for josh. none of which requires any kind of large investment. then as the opportunities present themselves we will go on auditions. joshua will get most of the "acting" auditions b/c he is old enough to read lines and really be in the business. as jordyn perfects her reading skills and gets a little older, i can really see her loving this and wanting to do it!

that is really important to me is that the kids like doing this kind of "work". and as long as they are having fun and enjoying it we will do it! it will be quite interesting to see what happens and where this will take us. of course, it is another commitment for me to make, which i am ok with. it may mean i will have to give something up or rearrange some things in our schedule. because we have to be ready to go for auditions when they come about. auditions are primarily in charlotte, atlanta and wilmington. so we will have to travel a little bit here and there!! (good thing our good friends will let us crash in atlanta!!!) we are really new to this and just learning this business so i will keep you posted as i learn things on our new adventure!!!

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steph said...

that's awesome! let me know if you need a place to stay here in georgia! elijah even asked today when josh is coming over! love you!