i love bloglines!

several months ago, my friend jess told me about bloglines and i had some trouble figuring out what it does and how it works. the other day i was plain determined and figured it out - and once i did it was sooooo easy. anyway, i am so excited about bloglines!!! it lets me know when the blogs i read have a new post - love it!! i would spend many minutes in a day going down my blogroll bookmarks and going to everyone's site - i read nearly 30 blogs - and i would click on a blog to find they hadn't posted something new. i am sure that people who don't have bloglines and click on my blog have that happen a lot too!!! well now, my frustrations are over!! i just look at my bloglines and read the new posts i haven't read!!! i love bloglines. if you read a lot of blogs on a regular basis - you have to try it!!!!!


Stephanie said...

I am a bloglines kinda girl myself! Kelly told me that I had to use it. So much better use of my time!

Patti's Chat said...

Way cool! You have to teach me girl!

Jess said...

perfect example - i come home from vacation - click on bloglines and i have THREE new jcrew posts.


love you