josh's new pet...

meet "sneakers" the tiger snake!
adopted 4-9-08

joshua got a webkinz pet snake today! he has been asking us for a webkinz for some time now. we told him if he did well on his report card and our teacher conference went well - he could get a webkinz. today, i had our conference with his wonderful first grade teacher at union academy. joshua did wonderful in alll of his subjects - working above grade level and ready for second grade!! his teacher really, really likes him. she had very good things to say about joshua. he is a leader and is well liked at school. she said he is very kind and compassionate, he helps his peers and her all of the time. of course there are a few behavioral things that he needs to work on, like talking out of turn and trying to get his peer's attention. overall, he has done great. we are so pleased and so proud of him!!!

when i got home from the conference, he was ready to get his new pet. my dad was willing to take him because i couldn't easily take jordyn, jesiah and will (who i was watching for the day) - if i did i would have had to buy 4 webkinz. so after we got home from the park this afternoon, my dad took him to pick out his webkinz!! i thought he was going to get a tiger or a leopard, but he came home with a tiger snake!

josh and i set up his account and he begun taking care of sneakers! he had a good time on the website today. i didn't know what this thing was all about so i did some exploring and playing around with him on the website. it is pretty cute. and it did keep him busy earning "money" and buying things (food, tvs, furniture,toys) for his new little friend.


4torock said...

welcome to the world of webkinz Joshua!! Kayla loves hers- we didn't even know they had snakes!!!! Congrats!! Dawn check your email in a bit-- I PROMISE to get back to you today!! sorry!! lol love ya!

Patti's Chat said...

Congratulations Joshua! My Joshua has a few Webkinz too and always enjoys his time on the computer taking care of them.
You get a sense of responsibility as you have to care for your animal and you see how your work pays off while you earn money to provide for your animal! Welcome to Webkinz world, you'll have to let Josh know what your pet's name is and you can share Webkinz world together! :)