celebrating easter...

easter 2009...

here they are all matchy matchy!
boy, it is hard to get all four to cooperate and get a good shot.
this is our best one.
we were on our way out the door for easter service,
we attended on saturday night (easter eve)

egg hunt at their grandparent's house...

jaelyn's first easter...

she couldn't go hunt for eggs, but she has found her toes

just hatched...six months ago!!

jaelyn is wearing jordyn's easter dress on easter day
and a little bonnet too

here she is in her dress that matches jordyn's...
yes she had several easter outfits

somebunny is so sweet!!
yup it is jaelyn


Kelly said...

ADORABLE pictures! They are so cute!

Xazmin said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...you have a beautiful family!

It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter! Hope you are having a good week as well!