yep, i'm a mom...

my friend, stephanie, did a fun blog post today called "yep, i'm a mom" and i thought i would link to her and play along. here is a list of things that occur in my life daily that make me think, yep, i am a mom. (and i wouldn't have it any other way!)

you know you are a mom when...

~ you use your own saliva to wipe your child's face after saying you would never do it when your mom did it to you when you were a kid

~ you are constantly stepping on cheerios and other goodies that get stuck in between your toes

~ you use baby wipes to wipe off everything from the interior of your vehicle to an article of clothing

~ you can check homework, cook dinner, talk on the phone and breast feed all at the same time

~ you realize that your kids have a better wardrobe and look way cuter than you

~ you eat the leftovers off your kids' plates or you offer them to your hubby so it doesn't go to waste

~ you speak in first person (ie: mommy will be right there sweetie!)

~ you go on a weekend trip to get away and while you are there you can't wait to get back to your kids

~ you can sing a theme song to a movie or tv show you have heard over and over and realize you have never actually seen it

~ your kids get more frequent hair cuts than you

~ you would take an insult that has broken your child's heart rather than them having to endure that pain

what are some of the things that you do or say that make you think, "yep, i'm a mom"?

go check out stephanie's blog and the other bloggers who have linked to her and then join in on the fun!!!

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Stephanie said...

Good list Dawn! Baby wipes! I told Josh that I had thought of one that I was missing. That was it!