over 7,000 & over 700...

wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! i am in amazement of how God is working and moving in our church! elevation church held ten services this weekend, saw over 7,000 people attendance and had over 700 people accept Christ!! this is only our fourth easter as a church and i am blown away by the way God is all over us! Pastor Steven has such a way of delivering a message - he preached six services out of the ten! jamil said he had as much energy on the sixth sermon on sunday evening as he did at the first service on saturday evening. that strength and energy is all God working through our annointed pastor!!! i can not say enough about our pastor and his wife, holly. they have an amazing calling on their life and they are so obedient to it. the staff and volunteers at our church are so awesome!! our worship team and creatvie department rock!!! we had a break dancer on stage during worship -wow- and the most awesome opening video (you have to click here to see it, do not miss this one)!!! we couldn't have had a weekend like this without everyone pulling together in prayer and in service. simply amazing!! everyday, i feel so blessed to be experiencing a move like this!

yesterday, was a little hard because i was on my own as far as parenting. jamil was with our pastor pretty much all day and we didn't see him but for one hour. but you know, it was so worth the sacrifice! and instead of letting it get to me, i choose to be thankful to be a "single mom" yesterday and really most sundays. to know that i make a small contribution by allowing my husband to serve all day in his sweet spot with our pastor is how i serve right now at elevation. i choose to serve with a grateful heart and not a complaining one. i choose to think positive and turn what could be a bad day with four kids and a ton of sugar into a good one. i do this because i so believe in our pastor, his wife, the staff, the volunteers and our church! i believe that we are impacting our city for Jesus Christ! i know people far from God are being filled with life in Christ. i just know this!!!! i am so honored to be a part of what God is doing at and through elevation church.

you can go here later today to check out pastor's sermon, it is life changing! it was an easter message like i have never heard. from isiah 53, pastor laid it on the line and spoke the fire out of the message stating if you do not "esteem to be like Him, you do not believe in Him" wow! what a challenge. if you didn't hear the message, take a little time please and check this out!!! it will be life changing for you too!! leave me a comment and let me know if you watched the video and/or heard the message and what did you think??

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