grown up girlfriends...

i have a great group of girlfriends, we meet once a month for a book discussion, fellowship and prayer. we met last week and finished discussing the book, grown up girlfriends:finding and keeping real friends in the real world, by carrie oliver and erin smalley.

what a great read. i highly recommend this book! it is so insightful. i was so challenged by so many things that the authors' wrote. i learned so much about being a grown up girlfriend. the idea of being a grown up girlfriend comes straight from scripture's definition of growing up. to "put childish ways behind" (1Corin. 13:11) and become more mature. straight from the book it says, "a grown up girlfriend is someone who encourages us in our pursuit to "grow up in Him"; in fact, she desires to become like Christ too. God uses grown up girlfriendships to complete His purposes in us."

as part of an exercise our church small groups' did last week, we spent some time encouraging each other, we went around the room and spoke positive statements about each other. gosh, for me, is so uncomfortable to be the one receiving the compliments. i am so much better at giving them than receiving them. but these sweet friends truly spoke life into me. they said just the things i needed to hear! it was so refreshing to hear the words of encouragement and not the silent negative words i say to myself throughout most of the day.

i am so thankful for these friends that God has placed in my life. each of them are unique and are such fine examples of grown up girlfriends.

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