just to clarify...

my last post was an april fool's day joke! i think some readers did not click on the link to go over to my other blog and see that it said april fool's day! so just to clarify, i am not expecting another baby. we are not adding another baby to our family this year.

of course that generated some buzz as to will there ever be a fifth massey in my j crew? right now, jamil and i think that four is a great number of kiddos, unless God tells us otherwise. we feel at this time our family is complete.

that is really hard for me to admit. really hard. i absolutely love being pregnant, love the delivery, love teeny tiny newborns and love babies! love it all. of course, the adjustment is hard, it isn't all perfect for me. but overall we have been blessed with four wonderful pregnancies, births and babies.

i have quickly realized that those little babies grow up into active kids who require a. lot. of. attention. time. and. money. we have been blessed with three big kids who have big huge personalities. they love being busy. they love to have the attention on them. they love to be dramatic. and i have come to believe that our fourth sweetie pie will be just like the other three.

so for now, i am enjoying every one of my children in the stage that they are in. i am loving on my sweet baby extra long and hard. i feel so blessed to have been chosen to be their mom. and as most moms know, our children are the reason we get out of bed each morning (literally!!)

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I know how that is! I am pretty content with four right now!