two quick updates!!

update on on our sweet baby jaelyn...

jaelyn had her 6 month well check last week. she weighs in at 14 lbs 7 oz (25th%) and 26 inches (50th%) long. she looks great and is doing very well! our fabulous doctor is very pleased and so are we. also, no heart murmur was heard again this time. it was heard at her 1 month check up and never again since - praise the lord!!! He has healed her heart!!!

jaelyn has had a pretty bad case of diaper rash. a very different kind of rash. she became burned and chapped all along the edges of her diaper. her skin began to peel and was raw and really red. it looked like sunburn. there was a ruffle pattern of sunburn looking redness across her little thighs where the diaper lays against her skin. it was also across the line below her belly button. very strange to happen all of the sudden, she has worn the same diapers since she was born. i tried treating it with desitin and aquaphor. neither worked. it only got worse. i was able to show it to our pediatrician and we think it is a reaction to her diapers.

instead of trying another brand (i just love pampers!), i started doing some research about cloth diapering. i was able to borrow a few from my friend, beth. jaelyn had them on for just a few hours and i began to see a huge improvement. today when we went to church, i only took her pampers. and when we came home she had become red again from just two hours of wearing it. it has been very frustrating to try to see her looking so uncomfortable. so, i think we are making a switch to cloth diapers. more on that adventure in another post!

update on baby hudson...

yesterday, i posted about my sweet friend jenny. her baby boy, hudson, was in the nicu because of some respiratory distress yesterday. jenny posted on her blog today and her sweet boy has had a wonderful day. the doctors think he aspirated on his formula and that is what cassed the distress. if he continues to have good day tomorrow, he will be coming home on tuesday!! praise the lord. He is our healer!!!

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