wardrobe wednesday...

oh the fun of shopping for myself!!! i used to love it and now i just get frustrated. but i have to share some success i have had.

over a week ago, i went shopping with my sister to find a dress for easter. we actually found several nice things in addition to the easter dress at target. sometimes i luck out at target and sometimes i do not have any luck! with clothes that is. this time was a big score!

although, when i tried the "easter dress" (the whole reason for the shopping trip) on for my hubby, it was less flattering than i thought it was when i tried it on in the store. it was a little too short and made me look a lot bigger because it was too big. i could have used a size or two smaller. but i knew they didn't have it in those sizes. here's why i know...my sister and i had already been to several different targets looking for this dress. we actually found it in a size 4 (not my size!) at the first target and when we inquired about where they were, the sales associate told us that it was a return and that collection is carried at a different target down the street, so we went there. different targets carry different collections - didn't know that - so good to know!!!

so i had to go to plan b, i had found two other dresses that same shopping trip, same dress different colors! when i tried on the first one, i like it so much i had to have two!! they are great summer dresses you could dress up or dress down. they look cute with heels or flip flops. you can add a cute sweater and some jewlry to finish off the look!! i ended up wearing this one for easter. although it is called candy apple red, it is more of a bright pink/fuschia color to me. and this is the other one i bought. i must add that these dresses do not fit me like they fit the models, on the models they are way shorter than they are on me (and i am pretty tall - the models must be really tall) and they look so much more slinky on them, that is not how they look on me - they are more flowing than that. they are very inexpensive. i think i will get a lot of wear out of them. i can see them being worn during the day, to church or at night!! they are very flattering. not only are these dresses flattering you can easily breastfeed in them - an added bonus.

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