could you please pray...

for my friend jenny!
jenny just had a beautiful baby boy about 3 days ago
and she was discharged from the hospital today
but without sweet baby hudson.
hudson developed some sort of respiratory issues
early this morning.
according to her last post, the doctor's are not exactly sure what is going on.
please pray for healing and for the doctor's to figure out what is wrong with him.

i have known jenny for many years, we met at mops
and she served with me on the steering team.
hudson is baby #4 for their family.
they have two boys already and in september they adopted a baby girl, sophie,
who is only 7 months old and a sweetie pie!

jenny and her husband shane have three other children to care and i can not imagine what she is feeling without having her baby boy at home to make the family complete.

you can read more about their sweet family here.

thank you for your prayers!!!


Xazmin said...

They are in my prayers. It is so hard to see a little one suffering and not know how to help!

I hope all is well soon.

Holly said...

I hope Hudson will be all right and recover soon. :)