2009 turned out just fine...

on new years day, i sat down to reflect and in my journal write out some highlights of 2009, i realized that the last time i wrote in my journal was exactly one year prior, when i wrote down my highlights of 2008. i read over them, and wow, 2008 was a great year for us. and that brought me to reflecting on 2009.

we started the year with the prase "God will blow our mind in 2009" it was a good year and God provided in a way that we could never imagine, and He did blow our mind. but when it came to making this "list", i just couldn't come up with nearly as many highlights as i did in 2008. i kind of got bummed because as i attempted to make a list in any kind of comparison to the prior year, i just couldn't. but i still couldn't overlook that 2009 was full of a lot of learning opportunities. there was a lot of growth for me but not a lot of highlights that i can put into a list. i have come to accept that each year looks different and God does different things in different ways.

so i will not attempt to make a list of highlights for 2009. i will just give a year in review in a few sentences.

in 2009, we adjusted to being a family of SIX! wow, i can not believe that we have six people in our "little" family! God has blessed us with four beautiful & healthy children. i thoroughly enjoyed every single day that led up to my sweet baby girl turning one. i seriously could not imagine my life and our family without jaelyn.

in 2009, we were honored to have seen God moving in a mighty way in our church. not for one day have we taken for granted the fact that God brought us to elevation for a reason and we are honored to have a front row seat and be very involved as leaders. we have witnessed life change and growth. we continue to be amazed at how God works through our pastor.

in 2009, we learned a lot about our family, our faith, our finances, our relationships and our purpose! it was a year of seeking and God has given us so much! He has provided for us in ways we couldn't even dream of. and just when we thought we came up with a big plan, His plan was even bigger! He has been so good to us and we haven't taken it for granted.

so there you have it a reflection on the past year and on to looking ahead to what God will show us in 2010! He made it great in 2008, blew our minds in 2009 and taking us further than we have ever been in 2010!

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