i have dedicated this past week to organizing our home, i have rarely left the house and have just dug in and focused on my to-do lists. i have been kinda held captive by my own will. i have gotten a lot done and it feels good, but i have a lot more to do. i have realized my job as a wife and mom is never done. there is always something that has to be done! but, it has been great to get a good jump on it. but not leaving the house is a different story. i have spent many days in my pj's or some comfy clothes. there is just something about getting everyone ready and out of the house that takes so much time and really cuts into my day. scheduling the perfect time to get out of the house between jaelyn's nap schedule and meals and being home fore the school bus, it is tricky. so staying close to home has given me a great start to getting my house in order. i plan to continue making it my main focus this month, but next week, we will be leaving the house a little more!

hopefully once i can get my house squared away, my blogging will be a little bit better too! i haven't spent much time online this week and i miss it, but boy if i even get on the computer for a little while, that turns into an hour or more very quickly! so if my posts are far and few between or lacking in content, know that i am busy getting my house in shape!

if any of you know of any good blogs/websites that offer useful suggestions for organizing and decorating please leave me a comment with those suggestions!

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