sometimes i feel like i just have nothing.

nothing to share.

my hands are so full, so is my heart.
my mind constantly races
and can't wait to cross the finish line called, "bedtime"

lists, projects, spills, meals, homework, laundry....it goes on and on

barely a quiet minute to stop, collect my thoughts and reflect.
let alone share.
but i have so much to say.

when i haven't a minute to spare, time to stop or hands to type, my mind,
my heart is racing with things to share like there is a whole world who wants to hear.

as soon as i sit down to pull out those thoughts that were racing through my mind
just hours ago are gone.
just as quickly as my babies have turned to toddler, preschoolers and school age kids.

but my heart is overflowing with so much joy and it wants to share all that i am learning about being
a follower of Christ.
a wife.
a mom.
a friend.
a sister.
a daughter.
a servant.

so, when the time comes why do i feel like i have nothing.
nothing to share.

dear Lord, please give me the words to share all the things that are on my heart. let them be heard, if only to help just one other. Lord, use me so that i can be your son's hands and feet. let me be one of the many lights that shine for your glory. it's in your name that i pray. amen.


Terri said...

Great prayer! I feel exactly the same, sometimes! I feel like I need a tape recorder and transcriber to follow me around!! I think it was Melanie who said her best blog posts were written in the shower... but unfortunately not recorded! I love that. I would love to get together with you sometime soon. I just feel like I need your wisdom and perspective. I think you do have a lot of important stuff to share! Blessings!!!

Susan said...

i'm the same way. when it's so not convenient, i think of things that i'd like to post about, but when i sit in front of my computer, nothing comes out... i've started keeping a piece of paper and a pen handy and when something comes to me, i write it down, but nothing has made it to the computer yet... one day!

glad things are going so well for you. you seem very happy!

Susan said...

BTW - like your background... wonder where i've seen that before.... lol....

Because of Love said...

I read this last week... you do have things to share! I know you do!

BTW: I left you an award on my blog today. :)