our first christmas celebration...

like most families, we celebrate christmas over several days and with several different gatherings. so i am going to break apart our christmas celebrations into several different posts.

a few days before christmas, we get together with my parents and sister. my parents travel to maryland to spend christmas eve and christmas day with my granparents.
so we do christmas a little early!

after eating a big dinner, (raviolis and meatballs this year - yummy!) the kids get to open their presents from my parents and my sister.
this year my parents had the kids go on a treasure hunt, following clues, until they got to their big present...

a wii!

super excited and surprised to get a wii!!

it was so much fun to watch them find their big present from my parents.

just as fun was to watch jaelyn with her presents

at first she wasn't so sure about unwrapping them

with a little help from her siblings

she got the hang of it!
here she is with her little ride on pony!! so cute!

and like most babies....
she equally enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper and empty boxes

here she is playing with the box to our new flip camcorder - my big surprise!

my sister gave the kids some great gifts too...

up next...christmas eve & christmas morning!!!

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Melanie said...

Looks like a wonderful start to your Christmas celebrations! We got a Wii this year, too & ALL have been enjoying it!
Oh, and I am a bit jealous of your new Flip camcorder...we had never seen one until like a month ago, but they look so cool!