fresh start...

update: i published this post and then saw a powerful scripture of hope and love on a friend's twitter that i just had to include in this post!

i really do have so much to say and planned to publish a few posts this week, but as you can tell that never happened. i think the whole getting back into the routine, reflecting on 2009, setting goals for 2010, getting my house back in order and just "doing life"took a lot more time than i had planned.

when a new year begins i have this "fresh start" mentality. i plan all of these projects and things to organize and then by the end of the first full week my house is messier than when i started, well it is kind of like that this week. so i am spending less time writing and more time fixing up the mess i have created so i can get really organized! this week i have been working on everyone's clothing; their closets & drawers. i have been taking out stuff that isn't fitting or appropriate for the season, which is quite cold this week! i have made a huge dent in that project and almost done. now, i just have to figure out what to do with all of the bins full of clothes!

the idea of a "fresh start", also applies to my personal life. i think and reflect on the past year, and then i think about the new year and about the personal goals i would like to accomplish. so i have spent time reflecting on my life and what God is showing me. we have also set some goals for our family and our home this year! i am sure some of that will eventually make it into another post.

amongst all of this "fresh start" stuff, we have had a pretty rough week with some not so "fresh" stuff. it started when my sister moved back to pittsburgh last week, i was so sad to see her go, she has been living her almost two years, but she headed back there for a fresh start for herself. so i have been missing having here with us. i am happy for her but sad for me. then, jamil's aunt who is also our neighbor passed away on wednesday. after beating breast cancer, they found out she had stage 4 liver cancer a few weeks ago and she wasn't strong enough for chemo. her body had enough. so she went to be with the Lord. and the night before she passed away, jamil's grandmother (also his aunt's mother) had a stroke and went into the hospital. at first they thought it was a mild stroke and she would come home the next day. but last night we found out it was a full stroke and she has a completely blocked artery. things don't look so great for her. she is 92 years old and there is not much they can do for her at this point. we know God has a plan and if it is for her to go home to Him, then that is what is best.

so far the first week of the new year hasn't been the best one. i hope to return to blogging next week and be able to share some much lighter happier stuff. but for now this is the life we are living a little hectic, full of grief and lots of uncertainty. i am hoping that next week will be more like a do over kind of week and a true "fresh start".

have a great weekend and i hope that this first full week of 2010 has been a true fresh start for you!!

"But each day the Lord pours His unfailing love upon me
& through each night I sing His songs,
praying to God who gives me life." psalm 42:8


Christy said...

sorry to hear all that. I also had a rough start to the new year as well. Just remember that the Lord is our comforter, He is our healer (whether here on earth or with Him), He is Jehova-Jira "my provider... and so much more. He holds you and your family and I will pray that HE speaks to you so clearly, and that HE overwhelms you with His love.

Over the break we spent time with my tennyson family and found that my father in law has prostate cancer, Scott's Aunt's mother-in-law passed away, and Just two days ago Scott is now unemployed.

We are with you in waiting on the Lord. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt HE IS THE I AM... HE created this world and all that is in it... HE IS INTIMATELY INVOLVED IN OUR LIVES... and nothing is a surprise to HIM...

Love you sister in the Lord

Susan said...

Dawn, I'm so sorry to hear about Jamil's aunt and grandmother.

My house is much like yours in that it's messier now than it was two weeks ago. I still haven't totally put it back together after my parents left last Saturday. It seems like 2010 has gotten off to a slow start for me too, but I do know that it is going to be a year of change and growth for me. That's my hearts desire right now. And you'll appreciate this - I actually said "no" to something that I really wanted to do because it was just going to be too much...."baby steps, right".

Hope you are enjoying this very cold Saturday!