new year, new week, new thru 30...

as we begin this second full week of a new year, i am hoping that it is a little less uneventful than the last week! with all the bad news and events from last week, i got thrown off track and a lot of things really fell behind. so i will attempt to catch up this week in so many areas of my everyday life!

in the midst of the disappointment and loss over the last two weeks, there are a lot of exciting things going on too! one thing that i am super excited about is the new series we are doing at church. as a church, we are reading the new testament in thirty days. the sermon series is called "new thru 30". there are a lot of other churches that have joined in on this with us. i just love that our church shares the resources they create. they have made the reading plan available on the website, so why don't you join in and take the challenge too, you can go here for the reading plan. you can also go here and here to read more about this series! i can not wait to see what God shows me through His word!

let me know if you plan to join in on the fun!

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