cloth diapering revisited...

it's something i like to talk about.
a lot.
almost as much as birth stories, pregnancy and little bundles of joy.
almost but not quite.
...and i have had several people ask me about our cloth diapering experience as of late,
so i thought i would give a little update.

we have been using cloth diapers (bum genius 3.0 and happy heiny's) for about nine months.

we have fifteen diapers and that has been a great number of diapers for us. i think we started with twelve and added three. i had planned to work my way to 18, but never did.

we started this adventure when jaelyn was six months old. i have really really liked doing it.

when we started, i was nervous that i wouldn't stick to it. but after the initial investment, i couldn't turn back. i never even thought about it. really i didn't. ok well maybe on that one day when i had no clean diapers in the house and was afraid to put jaelyn in a disposable.

jaelyn's awful diaper rash that started this whole thing, completely healed and never came back. oh except one day when i did put on a pampers diaper and her bottom broke out within two hours of wearing it. i was bummed!

over the last two months or so, we did started using disposable diapers (huggies) at night because her diapers were leaking and waking her up. i did get the leaking under control by stripping the diapers (soaking in cold water and dawn dish detergent) and adjusting the fit and number of inserts. but i have continued to use the disposables at night. i have also started using them when we go out, because i can fit several more disposable diapers in my diaper bag than cloth. and also, if she were to have a number 2 out in public or for our sweet nursery volunteers - oh. my.

i must say cloth diapering and solid food number twos are not the greatest thing. that is pretty messy. but that would be the only negative. the extra laundry hasn't even really bothered me. i am at the point now where i am never caught up on laundry so what is a few extra loads in a week. this is my washing routine; i wash every two or three days now. i use country save detergent and have loved it! i bought a box when i started and am just now ready to buy another box. i start by doing a cold rinse, then i wash in hot with 1/4 of a scoop of detergent and rinse in cold. if they diapers need a little extra "cleaning, stain or scent removal" i will add a 1/4 scoop of oxy clean - works wonders! and then i do a final cold rinse. i do dry them in the dryer. if it is a nice day i will hang them out to dry. we haven't had too many nice days though ~ frozen cloth diapers wouldn't be fun!

so, that's where we are with our cloth diapers. still doing it and still loving it! and jaelyn is doing great with it too! i plan to continue until it is time to potty train her.

you can revisit my first few posts on cloth diapering here, here and here,

oh and if i didn't answer a question you had in mind, leave a comment and i will be glad to give you the best answer i can!


sheri said...

Have you tried gdiapers or grobaby instead of huggies? Or even a safe disposable like tushies? I am glad your cloth diapering experience has been so enjoyable. Most people feel the way you do which is great, it is worth doing!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

we are exactly where we are w/ cloth diapering! Still loving it, but don't torture myself when I'm out! Poopy diapers aren't so fun now, but still (unless teething...they are GROSS)not to bad! I am SO SO SO glad I started, especially w/ the next one coming, never thought I would get to use my prefolds again, but I'm sorta hoping I can use them until Eli is out of the bums, then I will just pass them on down to Isaac and keep going! Praise God for cloth diapers! :)