a big milestone...

in early december, jaelyn took a few steps to me a few different times and then just like that she decided she didn't want to walk. every time i would encourage her to walk, she would just sit down and not even try. oh well i knew she would do it when she was ready! that is one thing you learn about your child especially after having four of them and they are all different and learn things in their own time!

on the day after christmas, we had moved the coffee table and some furniture out of the way so the kids could play the wii. and just like that she started letting go of the couch and walking toys and took a few steps. then jamil and i had her walk to each of us a few times. and then before we knew it by that afternoon she was completely walking with no assistance all over the living room.

(i took this video a few days after she started walking, we didn't tell my parents or grandparents and when they came over she "surprised" them! oh and please ignore my obnoxious voice - wow!)

this is what i call a new kind of busy! wowzers, this sweet baby girl is keeping me on my toes. she is as busy as ever and into everything. this is honestly one time i am so thankful to have a one story home! i don't have to worry about her being around stairs. i do have to make sure that all of the doors to the bedrooms, bathrooms and the laundry room are closed. that in itself keeps me busy, because the bigger kids are in and out and forget to shut them!

(this video i took when we went to discovery place last week, she was walking everywhere with my phone in her hand! ha! just like mommy!)

so there you have it, my sweet jaelyn is officially a toddler! i am so thankful for her and for how healthy and how active she is! i don't take running after her for granted at all. i am blessed to be so tired at night!! she turned 15 months a few days ago, and i am telling you the last 15 months although hectic and with a lot of adjustment, have been so full of joy because of her!

oh and a huge milestone for me...these are the first hom videos i have posted on my blog! i figured it out! wooo hooo! my new flip camcorder made it way easy!!! i love that thing!

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