an answer...

so with this new baby on the way, i am hearing and seeing God's direction for my life. i had been feeling very unsettled for quite some time and not sure what i was suppose to be doing with my life. with my kids getting older, i thought through the possibility of going back to work this fall. i felt like that may be what God was requiring of me. i thought if i worked full time, it would really help us chip away at the amount of debt we have obtained. our "sun stand still" prayer is to be debt-free. jamil and i have stuck hard to this prayer and know God is going to provide, just not sure how.

when i found out baby #4 is on her (his) way. i knew God was not asking me to go back to work full time. i know that He plans for me to stay home and raise our children. i feel like God has given back to me "my purpose," i feel like i know that i can become settled at being a stay at home mom. i don't have to worry about what am i going to do or what does He want me to do. He has given me His answer!

with knowing my purpose and what He is calling me to do and where He is calling me to be in this stage of life, i need to make a few changes. i have really been living in the future waiting for this change of my life to happen and figure out what my purpose was to be - i kept looking ahead and not living in the moment. this is my first change - i am going to start enjoying and really embracing each day and not worrying about what the future holds. God has given me my answer. He wants me right here where i have always been. now it is time for my heart to be there too.

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