thinking orange...

if you have wondered where i have been the last two days... here is your answer... i have been with an awesome group of leaders (from family ministry at elevation) attending the orange tour! it has been an amazing last two days. it was full of great information, ideas and inspiration (nehemiah 4:13). God has given me some answers and refueled my passion for family ministry, and specifically children's ministry.

after taking a bit of break from serving and coordinating in family ministry (because of our unexpected transition between our previous church and our new church - elevation!!!) God has clearly shown me where i am to be. i feel like i have found a place and a passion again! praise Him for the first part of his answer to my prayers. i will be giving more details and more thoughts in a later post!

you can check out phillip's blog (elevation's awesome family pastor!) for links and details on the orange tour!!!


Patti said...

I can't wait to hear about your weekend! I'm still so jealous! Fill me up girl with the good stuff! Can't wait to talk to you!!!!

Erin said...

Just catching up on blogs...Orange was great, wasn't it?