what's going through my mind today...

i have a lot of things that i want to blog about today, but i can't really seem to form complete sentences or any kind of worthwhile post on any one situation. here is a list of my thoughts for today...

1. it has been a long week, taking care of my sick children has not been so fun. it is very exhausting and i have had several nights of interrupted sleep. i haven't been feeling good either. so a sick mommy and sick kids makes for a long week. i am ready for us all to be healthy again. and i am happy to report we are on the path to recovery!!!

2. we have crossed out several commitments on our schedule this week because of everyone being sick. so we haven't been as busy going places and doing things. although, i am getting a little stir-crazy!

3. my husband is wonderful because he has understood that i am stir crazy, he has watched to kiddos for me this week to go to the grocery store by myself (which if he didn't he realized starvation may start to set in), to meet anita at Starbucks for a wonderful coffee night, and to top it off he is going to watch them tonight so that i can go to a "girl's night out" with a group of ladies from elevation! we are going out for a dinner and a movie. i am looking forward to that. i wasn't sure if i would make it, but today i am feeling much better then the past two days.

4. we have a big day coming up on Sunday!! it is elevation's 2 year anniversary!! woohooo! we have a packed day! it is going to be busy but a lot of fun. jamil and i will both be busy with our roles as volunteers at elevation during the worship experiences. then afterwards, joshua is going to be baptized!! we are so excited!! that evening we will attend the concert that is for volunteers of elevation! what a great way to celebrate the day!

....note: i realize these probably came across pretty "surfacey", while i am at a spot where i can not share more transparently, i did my best to share a little bit of what is going on around here. perhaps i can share in a more real way at a later time.

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