covered but hanging out to dry...

jamil and i are going to have a conversation with someone. it concerns setting boundaries in a situation with people who are friends. the boundaries do not have to do with the friendship. without too many details, it has been something i have been praying about. i have been praying for clarity and for a direction. i really want to be obedient to God's will for me in this conversation. the situation directly effects me and our family.

i have had a group of people praying for me over this conversation too. i feel the situation has been covered in prayer. but i feel like i am still hanging out to dry. i don't know that i have a clear answer to the situation. i don't know that i have clear wisdom or words to express what needs to happen.

because of the timeliness of the situation, i have put God on a timeline. i need an answer and i need it now. i know He hears me, but i think He is waiting to the last minute to provide His answer. i also wonder what happens f the time comes and i don't have the answer but the conversation is ready to happen. what then?

i will continue to seek His will and His guidance. i know the situation is covered in prayer. i don't want to be left hanging out to dry.


steph said...

i'm praying...really i am. i have a feeling your answer will come at THE last minute. isn't God great (infuriating) like that? love you!

jess said...

oh, man. dawn, i have been there. sometimes it seems when i need to hear NOW from God,that's when He's silent...and i end up trying to move forward in wisdom and scripture and counsel instead of having heard from Him...i SO understand, girl. i will pray for you..

i love love love you!!!