bye bye blogroll....

every once in awhile i get in the mood to add and change my blog - don't we all. well as i was looking it over, i realized that my blogroll was insanely long and that there were several friends that i had not added. it is so exciting that so many people are getting into blogging!!! if i would continue to add all of my friends and others i know with blogs my blogroll would literally take over the page. so instead of picking and choosing who is on the blogroll - i decided to just not deal with a blogroll. my blog isn't suppose to cause me stress so bye bye blogroll!

i just wanted to let you all know that to keep it simple i am not having a blogroll but i am still
reading your blogs!!!!

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4torock said...

I have to say I am kinda sad- I always came to read your blog then check out others! lol! Pretty sad huh??? No I totaly feel ya girl and hope your days of morning/noon/night sickness wil be gone soon :) love ya