numerous blessings...

a baby is always a blessing! always. i have begun to see already what this new baby is going to add to our family. last saturday, i called my sister, who lives in pittsburgh, to tell her our news. she was so excited, she was near tears. we hadn't told our parents so i told her to keep a secret for awhile.

on monday night, we went to my parents' house to tell them the big news. after we told them, my sister called, not knowing we were there. she told my mom she was ready to move to north carolina with us!!! yahooooo! this is an answered prayer of ours.

about a year and a half ago my sister who just turned 30, went through some really hard changes in her life. these changes brought her from montana to pittsburgh. when this happened, we began praying for her to mover here, but she chose pittsburgh. she has lived there since then. and now she is ready to come "home".

when she was on the phone with my mom, she told her that part of her decision was made because i was pregnant and she wanted to be near us during this time. she missed us, the kids and wanted to be a part of this baby's new life.

i know God is using this baby in a mighty way - and she (he) is not even 6 weeks old (in utero)!!! wow!! won't she love to hear this story when she gets older!!

here is a picture of my sister, (she's in the middle), jordyn and me!

soon you will be seeing her around town and prayerfully at elevation too!!!!!!


Patti's Chat said...

What great news!!! I know your hearts desire is to have her nearby. I'm so thankful for this answered prayer. and, um, by the way I've noticed that you put "her" first and then he in parenthesis when you refer to the new baby, does that mean you believe the little sweet pea is a girl? Now that would be fun = no matter what though the child will be beautiful and healthy - you all make such cutie pies!

steph said...

that's really cool...i know you've been anxious to have julie close. great news! tell her i said hi!