cleaning vs. napping...

as i was getting ready to go to my midwife appointment this morning, i began to take notice of the disastrous state that my house is in. it is a serious mess! it is unorganized, cluttered and not very clean. taking notice to all of this, i was really in the mood to "spring clean" this morning. i had made a mental list of all the things i was going to attempt to clean and organize this afternoon, including my van.

after getting home from a rather long appointment - i was not in the mood, nor did i have an ounce of energy left. so instead of hitting my projects - i hit the pillow and took a nap. and i didn't feel guilty at all. this cold and this pregnancy has really taken a lot out of me and i just couldn't bring myself to do anything but sleep. i don't know when my house will get cleaned.

on another note, my midwife's appointment went really well. i had jesiah with me and we had to wait a little longer than usual, so at times it was hard to entertain a three year old in a doctor's office. i vowed next time to go by myself! but as far as the pregnancy part - so far so good. i am about 6 weeks and 3 days! i will go back in 4 weeks and we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat by then. everyone was excited to see us and know we were there for baby #4 and they couldn't believe jesiah was the "baby" and he was getting so big!

so this afternoon, i am just trying to get some energy to get off of the couch and attempt to do something productive. we have momtourage tonight - which i am looking forward to. i could use a night out with friends! i just hope i have the energy to get myself there!!!


Anonymous said...

we are having the same kind of day (except i'm NOT pregnant and i didn't go to a midwife)...
my house is a mess. i needed a nap. i'm tired.
but i will see you tonight!

love you

beth said...

congratulations, dawn! i was just reading your blog and quickly found out from your excerpts that you are going to have another baby. that is exciting! i can't believe jesiah will be 3 next month. wow! time flies.

Patti's Chat said...

I am more than willing to help with the little man next time you have an appt. Feel free to call me and let me know when your 4 week is and I'll mark it on my calendar.

Love you friend - keep taking care of yourself!