big day ahead...

tomorrow is going to be such a big day!! i am so excited about it. on the other hand, i know that it will leave our family exhausted! and with all of us just getting over colds/flu i am praying none of us will wake up sick on monday morning.

tomorrow we will be at elevation pretty much all day!! and all i can say is YEAH!!! my kid's are soooo excited about the day we have planned. they have asked me if they will get to go to clubhouse (which is where the children of volunteers go during one service, so that they are only in their area of ekidz for one service). they have the most fabulous teacher in clubhouse. they just love her and can't wait to see her tomorrow!!!

so this is the event schedule for the day:

9am: arrive @ elevation/butler campus to ensure our ekidz booth is all set up and ready to invite new volunteers to join our ranks!

9:45: will attend most of the first service while kids are in clubhouse!

** will leave service early to recruit our new volunteers!!!

11:30: will take a deep breath and get ready for the next wave of new volunteers who will be coming out of the 11:15 service!!

12:45ish: will leave butler campus and head over to providence campus - will get lunch on the fly and pick up johanna and hopefully ronna too!!

1:45: need to be at providence to get ready for josh's baptism!!! WOOWOO!!!!

2:30: joshua, ken and 142 other new believers will get baptized!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!

3:30: go to the carr's house for food, fellowship and a little rest and relaxation! the prevette's will join in on the fun!!! the kid's will have fun!!!

5:30: we will all leave the carr's house (hopefully we will have remembered to clean up before we leave!) and head back to providence for the volunteer only event - a live concert!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!

6:30: live concert starts!!!

8:30: head home and get ready for bed!!!!!

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